Calamity! 1.2 is out. Lots of bug fixes and a few settings changes. Plus more metro areas added, including Hawaiian islands, like Maui. 🏝️

Wasn’t planning on going this long, but it’s beautiful weather today. 🤷‍♂️

Unused Vision Pro’s at the Georgetown Apple Store.

Picked up one of the new Vision Pro thingys everybody is talking about. The price seemed more than reasonable.

Today I learned that this is…..water. That’s it. Just water. I feel so old. 😂

Felt a little better today. Trying to recreate the habits of the Covid times and it’s not easy. Always some reason to not make it happen.

I’m curious what folks are using for backpacks lately? I have been using a messenger bag for the past 5-6 years but now that I’m traveling again, it’s not great for airport travel.

Days after the storm I’m still coming across giant, downed trees. I found this one on my run today and it literally stopped me in my tracks.