Helping my daughter study for a high school biology quiz and keep coming across these inane types of passages in her textbook. Not only is this not even a fact (just a generalization) it is written so poorly as to be totally sleep inducing.

Went on a beautiful hike at Beacon Rock State Park.

Took a tapas cooking class today. It was 🔥🔥🔥

I’m waiting for the day when the tinfoil-hat-wearing MAGA guy at the Republican convention realizes that there’s a 1% guy standing next to him. #grabmypopcorn

Phil Schiller talking about camera resolutions and neural networks processing images for the new iPhone camera has a lot of the same feels as Intel talking about CPU speeds in the 90’s: a lot of tech talk that consumers don’t care about.

I’ve also never fired anyone over Twitter. The clown show continues. What a joke.

I have had many different leadership roles in different companies and organizations in my life. I have never, ever threatened to fire someone, especially not for saying something contradictory to their boss. What a clown factory.

Waiting for Ben Folds. Gotta love Oregon outdoor concerts…

Why they let a train through downtown Portland at rush hour is totally beyond my comprehension.

Today I learned that Jeremy Renner has his own app for super fans… 😱🤯🤪

Today I got to take a behind the scenes tour of the Portland Timbers’ stadium!

Just had to drop one of our laptops off at the Apple Store for the battery recall. I can’t believe they will have it for one to two weeks and not offer a loaner or compensation. That’s pretty crappy customer service for a $4k machine.

Why does Voldemort not have a nose? #showerthoughts