Refs not liking Deandre. Just hit him with a lane violation on a free throw. 🏀

The Dallas Mavericks resemble the team of middle school boys I used to coach going through their warmups. They are definitely not taking themselves too seriously. 🏀

It appears that JJ Barea has likely exchanged his soul in order to stop the aging process… 🏀

Thrilled to see my daughter on the local news last night. Make no mistake about it: this upcoming generation has a fight in them that we’ve never seen.…

I’m going to save this for the next time a client insists on implementing logging in with a password because they want the most secure mechanism:…

Settings that are this hidden border on criminal…

Make sure to check out the latest 1.4 release of the iOS app that dropped today. Among other things, it now supports zooming on images and autocomplete for usernames! I’m pretty proud of this release.

I just successfully created and submitted my first CocoaPod podspec! Huzzah!!! UUSwift is alive!!!!!

Let Them Eat Cake

Our society works best when our economic policies converge wealth towards the mean. Right now, in almost every country, wealth is unbalanced and the imbalance seems to be getting worse with every political upheaval that we read about in the news.

I believe more than anything, this wealth disparity is the cause for things like Trump, Bolsonaro and Brexit: people would rather flip over the table and hope for something new rather than continue to sit with people they feel are actively working against them. The rise of these radical departures from the norm are simply pre-cursors for the pent up dissent over inequality.

History has repeatedly shown that when the gap between the rich and the poor grows too wide, there will be a revolution. At this present point in time, there is a very well documented chasm between the have’s and the have-nots which has resulted in these political mini-revolutions. Unfortunately, I believe we are now seeing the beginnings of a more violent movement:…

I doubt most politicians view it through this lens, but I hope they eventually can change their perspective because historically, revolutions don’t end well for the ruling party.

I think the horrible Sunlit crashing bug has been slayed! What an ordeal!!!

My son has been learning Swift and it’s been interesting seeing what he struggles with.

Why yes, I DID want to snake my bathtub at 11 at night! Thank you universe!!!