In Portland, we used to have bears in our parks. Not zoos. Parks.

Here are a couple more images from the anti-war protest in Portland in 1932.


It turns out that Portland has always had protests. This one is an anti-war protest from 1932.

Free app idea: AppleTV app that shows the Podcast discover feed and lets you play directly from there.

UINavigationController is one of the absolute worst design paradigms in UIKit. There are so many different ways it could have been implemented.

If you use Xcode, have a touchbar, and haven’t discovered this preference setting, I highly recommend adding Xcode to it!

In case you missed it, we released Snippets: an open source micro-blogging API today:…

It supports iOS, OSX and tvOS, and I really hope people will tinker with it and make something unexpected! (Yes, tvOS! The sample app has a tvOS target!!!)

I found the Mastermind game I made in my x86 Assembly class. It still works!!!

One of my favorite programming books of all time.

The fourth Magi that no one ever talks about…

Doncic hits a β€œtouch” 3 with 0.6 left to force overtime! Woah!!! πŸ€

Blazers up 88-80 after 3. My 100 point chicken nuggets seem to be well within reach… πŸ€

Deandre has a better ft shooting percentage this game than Nurkic… πŸ€

Halftime. Blazers have managed to create a 10 point buffer. Nurkic is currently working on a triple double with 8, 10 and 5. Doncic is showing he’s a pretty big liability on defense. Hopefully the Blazers continue to exploit it. πŸ€

The Blazers appear to have just realized that if they can move Deandre to the other side of the key, they can drive at will on the offside. πŸ€

Seth Curry just stole the ball and instead of taking it in hard to the rim for a layin, he pulled up and drained a 3. Gutsy. πŸ€

First quarter is over and it has largely been an uneventful 12 minutes. Blazers down 25-27. πŸ€