In case you missed it, we released Snippets: an open source micro-blogging API today:…

It supports iOS, OSX and tvOS, and I really hope people will tinker with it and make something unexpected! (Yes, tvOS! The sample app has a tvOS target!!!)

I found the Mastermind game I made in my x86 Assembly class. It still works!!!

One of my favorite programming books of all time.

The fourth Magi that no one ever talks about…

Doncic hits a β€œtouch” 3 with 0.6 left to force overtime! Woah!!! πŸ€

Blazers up 88-80 after 3. My 100 point chicken nuggets seem to be well within reach… πŸ€

Deandre has a better ft shooting percentage this game than Nurkic… πŸ€

Halftime. Blazers have managed to create a 10 point buffer. Nurkic is currently working on a triple double with 8, 10 and 5. Doncic is showing he’s a pretty big liability on defense. Hopefully the Blazers continue to exploit it. πŸ€

The Blazers appear to have just realized that if they can move Deandre to the other side of the key, they can drive at will on the offside. πŸ€

Seth Curry just stole the ball and instead of taking it in hard to the rim for a layin, he pulled up and drained a 3. Gutsy. πŸ€

First quarter is over and it has largely been an uneventful 12 minutes. Blazers down 25-27. πŸ€

Refs not liking Deandre. Just hit him with a lane violation on a free throw. πŸ€

The Dallas Mavericks resemble the team of middle school boys I used to coach going through their warmups. They are definitely not taking themselves too seriously. πŸ€

It appears that JJ Barea has likely exchanged his soul in order to stop the aging process… πŸ€

Thrilled to see my daughter on the local news last night. Make no mistake about it: this upcoming generation has a fight in them that we’ve never seen.…