You all rock! I promise this will be the last chart update I post, but THE MASTER PLAN IS WORKING! He just asked me what he could work on next!!! So grateful to everyone who bought a copy.

You are all so awesome! He is going to be so psyched!!!

My 14 year old decided to learn Swift by rewriting the app I wrote to learn iPhone development. I’m trying to get a bunch of downloads so he wants to keep doing this. If anyone is feeling 99 cents of generosity:…

Trying a new type of notebook: Zequenz. So far I’m enjoying it. Not sure if it will replace my Leuchtterms but this one is definitely a contender!

This is your brain on drugs. 😎
(Just testing a video fix…)

I found this really neat macaron shop in Seattle.

My 17 year old daughter informed us today that she is taking all colleges in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Ohio off of her potential visit list. She says she wouldn’t feel safe there.

I cannot describe the Blazers fever that has gripped this city. On Sunday after the epic game 7, I had a great conversation with a random older lady who resembled my mom at the meat counter at the store. She was totally excited. It’s made everyone just a little more pleasant. πŸ€

The best game I have ever been to. Full stop. Damian Lillard is and will be the greatest Blazer of all time. πŸ€

Snippets 0.0.8 has been released: a minor update that adds support for the poster url when publishing videos. The Cocoapod has been updated as well.…

TIL that CorelDRAW is still a thing. I had no idea.

Me when I tell my kids they’ve had enough screen time…

Portland fans are the best. Seriously. πŸ€

I learned today, that releasing lots of things at once is very hard. We’ve had video support brewing for a while now, and we thought we had tested things well, but there’s nothing like hitting production to test your assumptions! Bug fix releases are on the way!