The boy learned how to drive Grandpa’s tractor yesterday. He really enjoyed it.

I continue to be very concerned that Swift keeps becoming increasingly unreadable to people unfamiliar with the language. Watching my son learn it has been incredibly eye opening.

Following @manton’s announcement earlier, Snippets has been updated to support the new Tagmoji category list.

I feel like my coffee filters are being a bit passive aggressive…

After the end of the OKC/POR series this year, I never would have thought I would find myself feeling sorry for Westbrook, but here we are… 🏀

The Blazers starting 5 at the beginning of the season: 1. Dame 2. CJ 3. Hood 4. Collins 5. Whiteside

Starting 5 at the end of the season (I hope): 1. Dame 2. CJ 3. Hood 4. Whiteside 5. Nurkic That’s a pretty tight starting 5!

And Bazemore and Collins coming in off the bench!

The Sacramento Kings 🏀 have a security robot…

Dinner on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Yes. Mustard. The correct topping.

I’ve never even heard of this kind of PlayStation controller before. I assume it was for the game of Life?

Congratulations to the Raptors! Happy for them, but I still find Kawhi to be incredibly difficult to root for. So, yay VanFleet! 🏀