Snippets framework 0.5.0 is now out, which includes a complete reference implementation of the JSON API.

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own app, feel free to steal this one!!!…

Write your own client with only a little code! Or modify the sample app! iOS - CHECK! OSX - CHECK! tvOS - CHECK!

SnippetsFramework version 0.0.3 has just been released:…


pod ‘SnippetsFramework’

I highly recommend downloading your Facebook archive. One file you will find inside is:


This is a very surprising and alarming file, but definitely worth examining. Also, you really should shut down your account…

The Blazers continue to be terrible on the road which doesn’t bode well for 8 out of the next 9 games on the road coming up. 🏀😞

Today I learned that the Github Desktop app doesn’t support submodules. Are you serious?!?? #devworldissues

One of the highlights of my trip was sitting in a bar with @manton watching my Blazers 🏀 play with queso and a margarita in front of me…

If the universe is more or less an infinite sphere in shape, would future space travel refer to different areas as quadrants like in Star Trek? Would cubed mapping be efficient for a spherical domain? #notenoughcoffeetoday

In Portland, we used to have bears in our parks. Not zoos. Parks.

Here are a couple more images from the anti-war protest in Portland in 1932.


It turns out that Portland has always had protests. This one is an anti-war protest from 1932.

Free app idea: AppleTV app that shows the Podcast discover feed and lets you play directly from there.

UINavigationController is one of the absolute worst design paradigms in UIKit. There are so many different ways it could have been implemented.

If you use Xcode, have a touchbar, and haven’t discovered this preference setting, I highly recommend adding Xcode to it!

In case you missed it, we released Snippets: an open source micro-blogging API today:…

It supports iOS, OSX and tvOS, and I really hope people will tinker with it and make something unexpected! (Yes, tvOS! The sample app has a tvOS target!!!)

I found the Mastermind game I made in my x86 Assembly class. It still works!!!