I’m waiting for the day when the tinfoil-hat-wearing MAGA guy at the Republican convention realizes that there’s a 1% guy standing next to him. #grabmypopcorn

Phil Schiller talking about camera resolutions and neural networks processing images for the new iPhone camera has a lot of the same feels as Intel talking about CPU speeds in the 90’s: a lot of tech talk that consumers don’t care about.

I’ve also never fired anyone over Twitter. The clown show continues. What a joke.

I have had many different leadership roles in different companies and organizations in my life. I have never, ever threatened to fire someone, especially not for saying something contradictory to their boss. What a clown factory.

Waiting for Ben Folds. Gotta love Oregon outdoor concerts…

Why they let a train through downtown Portland at rush hour is totally beyond my comprehension.

Today I learned that Jeremy Renner has his own app for super fans… 😱🤯🤪

Today I got to take a behind the scenes tour of the Portland Timbers’ stadium!

Just had to drop one of our laptops off at the Apple Store for the battery recall. I can’t believe they will have it for one to two weeks and not offer a loaner or compensation. That’s pretty crappy customer service for a $4k machine.

Why does Voldemort not have a nose? #showerthoughts

Sometimes I like to go to the math section of Powell’s and find the most obtuse applied mathematics book I can find, open it and say things like “Oh they just got that all wrong!” just to see how people around me react. 🤪

To me, being a parent often feels like an eternal cycle of yin and yang: my daughter watched The Notorious RBG and now wants to go into politics; my son just watched all 5 seasons of Silicon Valley and now wants to be an engineer…

This is a bit of a long shot, but if anyone knows any C# devs looking for an awesome wfh/remote position, please contact me. It’s a perm position with full benefits, etc. Only catch is that they need to occasionally be able to go onsite to a client in the Portland metro area.

Economic policies can change, but the things that can’t be undone are the things that will be remembered by history. This one will be in the tragedy column.


Today is the 40th anniversary of The Muppet Movie. I dare you to listen all the way through Rainbow Connection and not break out singing along with Kermit! I certainly couldn’t!!!