Finally got my printer setup. First up: luggage tags!

I’m not really a hat person but it was cool to get this in the mail.

My nephew doesn’t find this as cool as I do…

Finally finished my built in grill in the back yard. The house had this old brick fireplace structure, and over the past 18 months I’ve been slowly hacking away at the bricks and building a metal inset for it to drop into. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s a propane grill and the tanks sit in a compartment under it.

Just tried Turkish Delight for the first time and I’m shook that Edmund gave up Aslan for this nastiness! 🀒

Personal best:

Wordle 203 4/6


Wordle 202 5/6


It was treason, and I’m still angry about it.

Wordle 201 5/6


Wordle 199 6/6


Happy 2022! Olive and I hope your coming year is full of joy and wonder.

I really love this new decoration I picked up this year.

“Eat at a local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a cold pint at 4 o’clock in a mostly empty bar. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you. Order the steak rare. Eat an oyster. Have a negroni. Have two. Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next to you, but have a drink with them anyways. Eat slowly. Tip your server. Check in on your friends. Check in on yourself. Enjoy the ride.” –Anthony Bourdain.

So, I built something this week. It’s a Swift API/library for integrating with the Awair family of air quality monitors. I’ll try to write more about it later, but if you’re curious, you can find it here: