The Blazers starting 5 at the beginning of the season: 1. Dame 2. CJ 3. Hood 4. Collins 5. Whiteside

Starting 5 at the end of the season (I hope): 1. Dame 2. CJ 3. Hood 4. Whiteside 5. Nurkic That’s a pretty tight starting 5!

And Bazemore and Collins coming in off the bench!

The Sacramento Kings 🏀 have a security robot…

Dinner on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Yes. Mustard. The correct topping.

I’ve never even heard of this kind of PlayStation controller before. I assume it was for the game of Life?

Congratulations to the Raptors! Happy for them, but I still find Kawhi to be incredibly difficult to root for. So, yay VanFleet! 🏀

Any chance someone is able to translate this for me? I found it in a very old family chest.

The boy has been working and saving and slowly buying parts for his first computer and tonight the final part arrived and he was able to put it all together!

You all rock! I promise this will be the last chart update I post, but THE MASTER PLAN IS WORKING! He just asked me what he could work on next!!! So grateful to everyone who bought a copy.

You are all so awesome! He is going to be so psyched!!!