Reason #326 why I hate Swift:

Which one of these is not like the other?

Java – string.length()
Obj-C – [string length]
C# – string.Length
Perl – length($string)
Ruby – string.length
Fortran – LEN(STRING)
Pascal – length(string)
Python – len(string)
Swift – string.count

It’s not often that we can publicly talk about what Silverpine is working on, so I’m stoked to be able to say that the new De Las Mias app/platform is going live today! It’s a gorgeous app for Android to help people live healthier lives. The founders, Sada and Ana are two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they really have a passion for helping the Latina community. We are very excited for them!

The EBNF for Swift is on drugs. Requiring brackets after an if statement (while good coding practice) is a total crapping of the bed syntax-wise.

// My apologies to the non-compiler-nerds in my timeline…