Authenticity is difficult online and it’s incredibly difficult in an About screen. It’s doubtful much can meaningfully be revealed in these paragraphs, but I’ll try nonetheless:

There are many things I know and even more that I don’t. I have worked at giant corporations and I have started my own businesses. I have experienced highs and lows, and hopefully I have learned some along the way. If you don’t know me and are trying to figure out who I am based on this web page, you should know that I love people, I love technology, and I love combining them together. My favorite thing to do is to bring a team together with a common goal and to enable them to create something amazing.

If you’re reading this and we haven’t met, feel free to send me an invitation to connect. I’d love to meet and find out about you and what you do. I’d love to see if we can do something together or if there’s someone I can connect you with that can help you with your journey.